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Heroes for Horses

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’  Winston Churchill

The world could do with more heroes…

A while back I was watching Oprah and there was a guest on the show who was explaining how as a child he waited on superman to come and save him from the dismal and desolate situation of growing up in the Bronx.  Today ‘waiting for superman’ is a movement geared at fixing problems in American schools. Doing this means children are being empowered with better education and hope for the future.

“What struck me most of all was Geoffrey Canada’s confidence that a charter school, run on his model can make virtually any first-grader a high school graduate who’s accepted to college.  A good education, therefore, is not ruled out by poverty, uneducated parents or crime- and drug-infested neighbourhoods. In fact, those are the very areas where he has success.” Roger Ebert

I could really relate to what Geoffrey Canada said because I remember times as a child when I would sit outside on the curb watching the world go by, hoping for a hero of some sorts to swoop in and save me.

Marlene, Madeleine and Kim are the superheroes that horses wait for.  The only difference between these real life super heroes and the rest of us, is the simple fact that when their paths crossed with horses that were desperately in need of help, they listened to the compassionate whispers of their conscience and they made the decision to don the cape and suit and to do whatever they could to make a difference and give destitute horses a fighting chance.

I hope that as you read about these real life superheroes, that you too will be inspired to make a difference and if you know of other heroes for horses, please share their stories with me  (Hole in the wall horse project)


Madeleine Pickens (Saving America’s Mustangs)

Kim Meeder (Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch)


The ranch of rescued dreams

‘What we do for ourselves dies with us.  What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.’

Hope rising is a book that will reach out and wrap itself around your heart.  It will compel you to take inventory of how much good you have done in the world and inspire you to do more.

Kim Meeder is an exceptional women and her faith in God and her love for horses and kids is both staggering and sobering.

Hope rising is a book that revolves around the crystal peaks youth ranch and how through God and horses, the broken hearted and hopeless have found hope and healing.  Each and every story from ‘the ranch of rescued dreams’ sent a flutter through my heart and brought bitter sweet tears to my eyes.

I could relate in some way to almost every story from both the equine and human perspective.  There were many times in my life when I had no hope for my tomorrows because my yesterdays were haunted by painful memories.  I found hope through horses and this is the very reason that I can honestly tell others that horses can literally change lives; God reaches the very depths of a wounded soul through the endearing love and nobility he has bestowed upon the horse.

If you are looking for a heartfelt read then I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of Hope Rising by Kim Meeder

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